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Google Meet is for Video Conferencing


One recent snowy day, the Communications Team had a monthly scheduled meeting. The weather outside was frightful and driving was not delightful. What to do? Google Meet to the rescue!

Google Meet is video conferencing software that allows up to 30 high-definition video users to meet and share screens over the Internet.

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Safety of the Bard Network


When you need Internet access on the Bard campus, you can always connect through the Bard Unsecured Network, which does not require a password. In this age of reduced privacy and stories of hacking, is the unsecured network at Bard safe to use?

In the past, we have all heard horror stories of working on an unsecured,

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Tech Corner: To Share or Not To Share


As a volunteer organization with 315 members (with at least half of our members as active volunteers), LLI takes a lot of coordination to pull off our classes, events, mailings, etc.

With many time-intensive volunteer processes to complete LLI work, the technology issues (aka volunteer time sinks) have more to do with too much information than not enough.

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Gmail Tips: Gmail App and Labels


LLI Accounts are Gmail Accounts!

If you have an LLI account, such as, you are using Gmail to get messages sent to your LLI account. Of course, your LLI account also gives you access to many other Google apps, such as Drive, Meet,

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Security or Convenience?


What do you want more:

  • A secure online experience (i.e., our files are kept private from prying hackers)


  • Total convenience (i.e., we just want to click to access our files)?

Sadly, we can’t have both at the same time!

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Of Potatoes and Apps


Consumer choices are wonderful … until they are not.

Consider the lowly potato. You have so many choices in the grocery store!

  • Size: a nice plump russet or a tender little fingerling?
  • Variety: red, Yukon gold, sweet, purple sweet?
  • Processing: baking,

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Tech Corner: Google Docs

Docs for Collaboration

Google Docs (referred to here as Docs)  is free to all LLI members who have an LLI account (such as It is a word processing application, very similar to Microsoft Word, but you don’t have to pay for it and it resides in the Cloud so you don’t have to install it on your computer,

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Why Use Google Apps?

Free for LLI members

Google apps are a set of applications that LLI members get to use for free when they log into Google with their accounts. This is all part of being a G Suite for Education school.

Some of these apps may be  familiar to you because you use Microsoft applications (which you must pay to use):

  • Google Docs is for word processing,

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Tech Corner: How to Share Files

Collaboration at LLI

LLI is a collaborative organization, with participating members working behind the scenes to coordinate LLI events, policies, programs, etc. Before we had Google Suite for Education (G Suite), there was so much emailing of files back and forth among participating members to do committee work. There could be many versions of a single document,

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Tech Corner: Find Out What Happens When

LLI Calendar is busy

With over 90 different events on the LLI annual calendar and numerous emails about class dates, committee meetings, special events, and other administrative functions such as membership renewals, how can you keep track of what you want to do at LLI? Here are some easy ways to find what you want.

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